Exceptionally good news

Thank goodness for modern technology.

I received information from Eastman regarding my audition recently – turns out, on my application that I had hurriedly submit in a coffee shop in the midst of power outages courtesy of Sandy, I had requested a regional audition in New York City. Now, that might not seem bad to most of you, but for school auditions, it is exceptionally difficult to be accepted to a school via regional auditions. Most school audition are run in the format of a quasi-lesson, where the teacher offers input and you fix it. The professors can see how you adapt to criticisms and get to know your personality as well as just your playing. (Something significantly important when it’s a teacher selecting students, as opposed to a board or committee selecting a person for an orchestra spot, where personality usually comes last (if it’s even considered at all, from what I’ve heard) in the selection of a musician.)

So, simply put: regional audition? Not good.

My teacher wasn’t convinced it was a terribly apocalyptic scenario – I had had a lesson with the professor, so he had met me and worked with me briefly – and I had to agree. (Professor Killmer also agreed with this, though he did say in his email live auditions are always preferred.) Except, of course, for the fact that the regional audition was on January 20th, as opposed to the February 15th audition I had been bargaining on. I’d have to make an impression, through video, with a month less time than I had thought to prepare.

I wasn’t too keen on the idea.

But, thank goodness for email – everything’s been straightened out. I have ten extra days before my first audition (Boston University) and I will be doing all of my auditions live, which to me is most definitely preferred. So – that said, I think I’d better go practice.

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