I’m beginning to reconsider University of Hawai’i

And, true to form, nature decides now is the best time to remind me I live in the Northeastern United States and the winter like last year’s is anything but normal and I really should remember that, you know, it’s winter in the Northeast.

Also known as, snow.

We’re supposed to get a good bit of snow here Thursday into Friday, but nowhere near the amounts predicted for Boston and Massachusetts in general. (For those of you whom I know who live in Boston, this is probably not news for you.) Somewhere, the phrase “up to and possibly exceeding eighteen inches” was used, or some paraphrase of that, and not in a favorable way. I don’t know about you, but driving in that much snow (whether or not it was a typo or bit of misinformation, the latter which I’m hoping for) does not sound appealing. Especially after 12+ hours at Juilliard, on a Saturday night, which is how the evening trip up was planned.

I’m not saying driving upwards of three hours after that long a day sounds like fun in itself, but in comparison it seems pretty favorable.

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